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Newscientist : Powder drugs, 3D orbits, Kinect’s awesomeness, AR.

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A series of things you should be in awe of.

  1. Injection-free drugs  : ‘powdered drugs are more stable than liquid drugs at room temperature – liquid drugs must be refrigerated to keep them stable. ‘
  2. Why planets can only orbit in 3D : Why the orbit isn’t a perfect circle. Nope, it’s not.
  3. Kinect isn’t just being used for super fun gaming : I’ve seen it used with a multifunction printer to detect company worker’s ID card and print stuff, my research lab is using it with AR to simulate radiation in real time, and now it’s being sent to space(attached to satellites of course) to turn spacecrafts to building blocks. Oh, also calculate astronaut’s weight in zero gravity(ya know, because they need to watch their weight while in space too).
  4. Augmented Reality(AR) : Behold the Awesomesauceness.
Range of usage :
From this,




Written by Takahara Suiko

30 May 2012 at 15:56

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