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Laci Suka Hati.

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Found this in the drawer while searching for a stupid cheap clear mascara I bought to be used when boredom gets murderous and myself having zero innovation in ways to procrastinate.

Some kind of rap lyrics on the left, a drawing of a baseball player-tortoise and countries I want to spend the rakyat‘s money on during the holidays.

There it is; you, a part-time giraffe choreographer

I am your father, no, I am your mother.

It’s sad to see the hill is building,

Boldly balding, boldly balding.

Experiments, experiments!

Stop before the lab explodes

With joy ahoy my boy he is gone.

What the hell’s he babbling up front?

Doesn’t he feel the aura we bring,

Of hating every single thing of him?

Blablabla rhinocerotop…saurus.

Paleolitic died before it gets any worse.

Dump the heavenly bodies to the grave,

Of blackholes having endless maze!

The first two lines; easily explained by effects of watching a marathon of Whose Lines Is It Anyway snippets on Youtube the previous night.

And I have three lecturers that can be described by the 8-10th line. Yes we all hate them. Habis kelas cikgu keluar memasing stat ngutuk.


I was evidently very, VERY bored during class.


Written by Takahara Suiko

1 June 2012 at 19:28

Posted in ridiculous, sajak

2 Responses

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  1. Dude, I’m so happy you started blogging again!
    Why didn’t you tell me??

    Talk to me, man! Talk to me!



    1 June 2012 at 22:37

    • Aharharhar.

      Takahara Suiko

      2 June 2012 at 05:36

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