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Rants : Short enough for Twitter; too many for it.

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Green curls are amazing to have.


Let that itch go. You’ll feel much, much better.


Top-notch prankster : *contraction* ‘Hey Mum I’m ready to breathe like a person now.’ Few hours later, ‘lol jk just messing with ya.’


Playing adventure RPG games is like reading a book; you can leave it to rot when you don’t feel like it, and go back to it when you have something better to do, like homework.


Guitars can be deadly boring sometimes.


Fruits : for you to consume when you have nothing better to do. Or else you’d be eating four whole tacos.


Maxi dresses are awesome, but when you’re fat, well, they just have to wait.


Nothing beats the aroma of a 21-year-old bantal busuk.


I guess I’m the ultimate distraction.


I love Disney Princesses. And no I am not ashamed by that fact.


Fact : Most of the Disney Princesses are girls from broken families. It’s only fair they get their prince charming in the end.


Duh. What’s the point of merajuk if you know what I’m sulking about? Idiot.


Written by Takahara Suiko

19 June 2012 at 17:14

Posted in ridiculous

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