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My nephew looked like a pau when he was born.

My niece looks so much like a friggin pau.

If a pau were to have a face that pau would be my niece.

And I would eat the hell out of that pau.

I’m just going to call her ‘Pau‘.

Until she gets her name.

And then I’m going to call her Pau (insert name).

Like a German pun.

Because ‘Frau’ means ‘Miss’.

Like, Frau Joyah.

But instead, PAU JOYAH.

And then I would eat the hell out of her.

I would be a very impulsive, mentally-unstable, abstractly cannibalistic mother.

Because if I were to have kids like my sister’s, as soon as I see their newborn chubbiness, I’d name them PAOlo, or PAUlina.

And then eat the hell out of them.





There’s no way I have the ability to stop this pau madness.


Written by Takahara Suiko

24 June 2012 at 20:34

Posted in journal

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