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Nuff said.


Written by Takahara Suiko

23 July 2012 at 17:38

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Have a little faith.

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Sorry. I meant ‘Have a little more faith.

A friend of mine shared this video.


When Muhammad brought Islam to the Quraisy, the same thing happened.

Even worse, people wanted to kill him for spreading ‘lies’.

Same thing; as in, Quraisy then = Islam now, Islam then = Christianity now.

When the current political Islam(which is crazy and out of line I may add) doesn’t accommodate, other beliefs who have solid faith in their beliefs will.

The problem is not Muslims losing faith, but how the society embedded the political faith within ourselves in the first place.

By political, I mean the general idea/appearance of Islam in this modern age.

Not the substance itself, which is to believe in one God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

Come to think of it.

It’s a problem of every faith in the world now, really.

It’s a problem if you want it to be a problem.

Islam itself doesn’t encourage us to be selfish.

Learn how to see things from others’ perspective.

I dislike the video.

The way they convey the problem, is as if the fault is not theirs.

I mean come on.

If we were to just, stop, pointing, fingers at others who ‘do it wrongly’.

And stop, pointing, out, everyone else’s faults.

And just stop being a douche saying we’re so definitely going to heaven when we die while everyone else will go to Hell.

And start caring about living beings.

Notice I said living beings?

Not just human beings.

Start caring about a freaking speck.

How you are getting in the way of the speck’s flying path instead of it getting in your way.

Have sympathy.

Feel empathy.

Stop leaving your blind faith to be blind.

Our job is to prove the faith we have has its reasons.

Reasons. S. Plural.

Have a little more faith in what you believe in.

Written by Takahara Suiko

21 July 2012 at 15:49

Why I’m a (hardcore) hipster.

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1. I self-diagnosed myself as having ADHD.
2. I get easily bored.
3. Maybe because I do one thing at its utmost immensity and the next day I get bored by it and leave it to rot without finishing what I started.
4. Because I don’t like seeing the end to stuff I’ve done, I shelve them until I run out of unfinished businesses to shelve.
5. Like the video games I play. If I did finish them that means I was absolutely not expecting what I just beat to be the last boss or that last exit to be of the last level. And ended up screaming to the rolling credits ‘COME ON WHAT THE HELL MAN THAT WAS PATHETIC’
6. Anywhoozle.
7. I have zero discipline.
8. I lack competitive spirit in stuff that’s worth it.
9. In other words, if the thing I plan to do/watch/work on/etc has more than two persons I know doing it, I drop the idea altogether. Or shelve it until it became a vintage thing. Meaning, until other people found another mountain of sugar to hurdle on.
10. My point of existence is to annoy people. Hipsters are cool before the mainstreamers get to be cool. Hardcore hipsters are just plain annoying. Thus.

Written by Takahara Suiko

19 July 2012 at 08:10

Nasihat dan teguran.

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Nasihat : disampaikan sebelum kesalahan dibuat. Ingat sebelum kena. Payung sebelum hujan. Amaran.

Teguran : disampaikan selepas kesalahan dibuat. Padah air ke daun keladi. Peribahasa tak keluar lah pula. Pengajaran.

Sepenting diri manapun bunyinya; cukup sukar untuk aku  percayakan nasihat.

Kepala terlalu keras.

Aku hanya mampu menghadam teguran.

Kita belajar lebih banyak daripada kekalahan berbanding kemenangan.

Written by Takahara Suiko

16 July 2012 at 20:23


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Your crush is the embodiment of the perfect character in your wet dreams.

Your lover is the jagged version of that, which fits you, the best.

Written by Takahara Suiko

15 July 2012 at 09:58

Come on.

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When I’m just blinding myself from seeing a future of ours aligned, you’re pissed at me for being on the safe side by putting my feet on the ground?

You’re the one with zero balls not wanting to blame yourself for the things you could have done, but didn’t do.

Just in case it wasn’t clear enough.

I deleted your number because I don’t want the thing that happened the second time I did to happen.


All the sappy spamming.

Macam bodoh.

Kau nak aku pujuk kau ke do?

Give me a fucking break.

Bila orang merajuk dengan kau, punyalah merengek tak suka.

Dia buat takpe.

Grow up.

Written by Takahara Suiko

14 July 2012 at 05:43

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Bila dependent sangat kat orang, kau tak membesar.

Cadangnya nak buat dia sujud kat kaki aku.

Tak berjaya nampaknya.

Suka hati kau lah setan.

Written by Takahara Suiko

13 July 2012 at 12:10

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