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Berikut merupakan percubaan saya dalam menulis novel sebab nak lari daripada balik asrama dan ambil peralatan badminton dan tukar baju dan meh kelecehan.

Percubaan, konon.



Because I don’t plan on getting any work done here.

Orang tengah sibuk main badminton, I flash my laptop and type this.

Come on, kata pukul lima. Leave me be la. Sebab tu aku malas nak masuk tournament.

Aku malas nak balik asrama pastu tukar baju and stuff.

Kasut, reket, stokin semua.

In my head, 1700 sampai latest 1730, dengar cikgu membebel pasal tournament, who’s going, who hasn’t paid, tentative program whatnot. Habis, aku balik asrama, get that 8th gym badge from that dreadful rich arse snobbish kid who slaughters everyone’s pokemons with her dragons.

But no.

Here I am, fooling around by typing this while others think I’m busy doing work.

And the flashy Disney sticker that graces my laptop(and covers the ACER logo, which by the way is said to be the garbage of laptops, and due of my unnecessary pride I can’t bear anyone else seeing that) helps. A lot.


I have near-zero tolerance towards this God-forsaken country.

Not the people around me, but this, whole, country.

I may have gotten too timid. God knows. Well, I know.

My first year was met with people whom I had to impress by being…Malaysian.

‘Do all Malaysians cover their head?’

‘You guys wear this kind of clothes all the time?’

‘You guys eat this for lunch?’

No, son, I thought you guys eat this for lunch.

It doesn’t help that I get a rule-freak Japanese school girl as a tutor.

Rule-freak, as in miss goody two shoes. Down to the most typical rule that epitomize Japanese school girls.

When I say Japanese school girl, I mean, Japanese school girl.

The ones you see on TV.

Bawak bekal comel-comel. Gosip pasal selebriti. And a gargantuan fan of Hello Kitty.

I thought they don’t exist.

Like come on. Hello Kitty doh.

To top it all off, she was 18.

I blame the school uniform. Because the second we finished SPM, I rid of my school uniform like it’s radioactive. They, on the other hand, have to wear uniforms until the third year, just to be standardised with the public high school kids. My college at least.

But then again, she’s 20 now, and she’s still a sucker for Hello Kitty merchandise.

It’s like the saddest thing I’ve seen.


The end. Malas nak sambung.


Written by Takahara Suiko

5 July 2012 at 09:45

Posted in Carut, ridiculous

22 Responses

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  1. assalamualaikum,
    aku tak pelik kenapa orang jepun suka hello kitti,
    sebab ramai juga orang yang bukan jepun suka hello kitti,

    kalau orang jepun suka usop sontorian, keluang man atau papa yokies barula aku pelik..

    hmm.. bukan niat nak sindir ke apa, ko memang patut pegi main badminton, at least can loose some weight..


    5 July 2012 at 15:21

    • What is with you and people’s weight, particularly mine, really?

      Takahara Suiko

      5 July 2012 at 16:02

      • yang ko emo apasal? susah sangat ke nak terima teguran teguran berbaur hasutan untuk menguruskan badan?
        asal orang tegur je, semua ko campak tepi.. hopeless sungguh..

        aku tau la orang gemuk tahap kritikal sampai melekat kat sofa pun boleh bernyawa lagi,
        tapi takkan la ko nak jadi gemuk macam tu baru nak eksesais..

        memang tak salah dan bukan satu jenayah untuk jadi gemuk,
        tapi fikirla, yang gemuk2 semua tua2 nanti senang kna penyakit,

        kencing manis, darah tinggi dsb..

        member aku umur 22 dah kna kencing manis, ubat berbotol2 bawak setiap masa,

        gemuk2 kang, kesian lelaki nak angkat jenazah.

        sorri, aku mintak maaf kalau ko jenis sensitif dan kuat melenting.
        tapi, kalau ya pun, ada aku kesah? heeeee


        6 July 2012 at 01:48

      • Kalau kau rasa orang gemuk = tak sihat, there’s something wrong with you. I am more active and fitter than my thinner friends, but of course you don’t know that because you’ve never even seen me in real life. And come on. Sape yang emo do? Panjang jela la pulak reply aku yang lepas nak kata aku emo.

        Takahara Suiko

        6 July 2012 at 05:11

  2. logic si debab, si kurus yang tak buat apa2 lagi sihat dari dia yang ‘eksesais’ bangun dari kerusi nak capai dalam microwave.


    6 July 2012 at 12:13

    • *capai burger.



      6 July 2012 at 12:14

      • ops* i mean, tak sihat..

        p/s: compare la dgn si kurus yang aktif lol… orang jantung berlubang pun kurus la dol..


        6 July 2012 at 12:15

      • Like I said, there’s something wrong with you.

        Takahara Suiko

        6 July 2012 at 15:47

  3. There’s this thing called anorexia nervosa.
    Thus, the dogma about being thin, skinny and lanky is healthy is false.

    And yeah, compared to me, you have a higher stamina level and run faster.


    6 July 2012 at 21:31

    • kau nak dia selamanya montel?
      apa salahnya kalau dia jadi kurus, and retain (perhaps improve) ability dia untuk beat budak kurus dari segi speed, stamina, strenght dan segala lahanat yang lain..

      kau tak nak ke kawan kau ni bertukar kulit? turn into something better? better bukan dari erti kata false advertising… tp better dari segi penampilan diri… come on la.. tanya 50 lelaki, antara adibah noor and neelofa… siapa yang diorang selera… hahaha.. now dont get me wrong, aku tak suruh ko kurus untuk please the men..

      susah nak paham wimminz brain ni..
      aku bagi logic kapal terbang la k.. ko pun macam budak engineering je..

      katekanla, dua biji kapal terbang guna enjin sama power yang produce same amount of thrust..
      tapi kapal A bodi berat, kapal B bodi ringan..

      by logic and maths.. kapal A takkan dapat terbang sejauh kapal B if both are given same amount of fuel..
      tak yah tgk jauh, tgk jarak take off pun dah cukup..

      kalau aku saudagar airline macam tony fernandes, aku akan beli kapal B, sebab leh bwk lebih passengers.

      so, takyah bajet semua benda tu false ads sangat lah…
      unless ko nak jd orang eskimo, maka lemak2 berlebihan tu memang beri advantage..


      7 July 2012 at 04:03

      • The heavier kapal A has high end engine.

        The lighter kapal B has shitty cheap engine.

        Come on now. Surely you’ve heard of Antonovs.

        Takahara Suiko

        7 July 2012 at 14:55

      • Oh, I’m sorry, but my field isn’t engineering so your logic of “everything that moves fast, wins’ doesn’t apply to me. My field focuses on balance; too much or too little of anything is deadly. Too much of water and you’d be drowning in your own blood, too much of solutes and you’d be pissing solid salt on a daily basis. Sure, she’s on the heavy side, but you make it sound like she’s going downhill towards becoming a lumbering piece of flab. Is she binge eating? I don’t see that. And I think she knows well what happens if you’re too fat THUS the reason she’s taking sports.

        As long as she’s healthy and happy, why’d the heck you’d have to go and rub it in her face that society demands you to be thin, because fat equals unhealthy. You don’t even have the credibility to give that statement. Certain people get skinny easier than others, and for her unfortunately, it’s difficult. It’s not like she doesn’t even go out to exercise, hell, she even takes up sports as a past time where every other girl is on facebook making whore tier duck faces and lookitmeimsoslimpleasegivemeattentionsillyboys! Oh, look. Ain’t that your type of girl? Go get her, boy!

        Your brain computes only one end of the extreme without taking everything into consideration. You only think about the bad effects of being too fat, never thinking what happens if you’re too thin. It’s because of people like you in society who idolize oh-so-thin lanky skinny women and say that they’re the very symbol of beauty is what causes women everywhere to get mentally pressurized, go into crash diets and take diet pills to get slim. Yeah, you said that the adibah noor and neelofa whoeverthatis example wasn’t to please men, but, duhhh it’s written all over it.’Thou shall be thin to please men’. Then, what if I say that if you go to a pet shop and you’d have to choose between a fat cat and a skinny cat? ‘Logic’ people would think the skinny cat isn’t healthy, am I right?

        Bet you’ve never seen an example of anorexic women who refuses to eat, huh? Now’s the time to get on youtube, young man.

        You know what? Why not use a paper plane instead if you want everything to be oh so light. There must be a reason why airship B is heavier even though it has the same thrust. If it’s a cargo ship, then you’d want it to have less inertia? Wouldn’t want all your stuff to be hauling everywhere in the ship when it stops ‘ight? Whatever, engineering isn’t my field, and I’m not here to justify your logic based on Form 5 physics. I couldn’t care less about ships anyways, cuz ships ain’t a living thing.



        7 July 2012 at 22:34

      • So much win. I love you Kai.

        Takahara Suiko

        8 July 2012 at 08:03

  4. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…tak semua orang terpikat pada yg kurus and vice versa..yg penting sihat tubuh badan dan dapat beribadat dengan sempurna, wallahhualam….


    7 July 2012 at 07:23

    • hai, not sure u kakak atau adik kpd blog owner.
      apa yang penting aku nak beritahu khas pada kau, ialah, selama mana aku komen di blog ni, aku tiada niat jahat kat adik/kak kau ni.. sekadar suka2 komen kat sini.., dia ni famous kat youtube, tp blog dia sunyi.. tu je..

      ok habis bab tu.. sambung balik ikut topik.

      apa yang aku nampak, pihak yang menyokong seolah2 mengatakan yang jika tiada lelaki di dunia ni, maka semua perempuan akan gemuk, gym pun tutup, tiada orang bersukan… tidak ada faedah lagi untuk kaum hawa menjaga penampilan diri memandangkan tak ada lagi men to be pleased….

      seriously, aku bukanla anggap si TS ni debab gila, cuma komen awal aku tu saje je nak bakar line.. haha..
      aku cuma taknak mereka2 yang saiz XL ni give up untuk bermain acara sukan…

      sebab perempuan ni kalau2 time uni ni tak main sukan, satgi bila dah kerja dan ada family, masa tu dah tiada masa nak buat senam2 ni.. geng pun takda.. nak main ngan anak, nak kna anak tunggu besar skit, kurang2 umur anak nak bleh wat teman main pun 10 tahun.. campur la ngan umur cik kak sekalian. waktu tu dah 38 la kut agaknya..
      so, pilihan yang korang ada waktu tu cumalah mengadap youtube atau tv bodoh, pasang tape tengok orang bersenam.. sambil korang senam sama depan tv..*bagi aku, itulah waktu yang paling menyedihkan*..

      point aku, mainla sukan ape pun, walau korang ni saiz XL..dan kalau boleh, teruskan main walau dah kawin, beranak pinak…

      aku bg contoh ibu aku, dulu dia ni state player netball pulau pinang.. bila sibuk ngan famili dan kerja, dah, terus stop netball.. bkn dia je, kawan2 dia dlu pun sama….

      dlu mcm neelofa tu bai… dulu la. ok? dulu….

      so, aku kalau boleh, xnak la korang2 di atas ni jadi mcm tu.. tua2 satgi nak cari balik kawan2 pun dah segan dah.. lagikan pulak nk join budak2 muda main..


      8 July 2012 at 00:07

      • Ever thought that if all the women were to be hid in the heavens, in less than a year time all the men would be just as fat? Not only because they’d be eating more, but because they won’t be doing sports for women to ogle for. Zero competition for anything. Get?

        And wow, your own mother man. What the hell.

        Takahara Suiko

        8 July 2012 at 08:10

  5. yup.. mak aku, knapa? dia sendiri pun cakap camtu..
    dia yang cerita kat aku.. dia sendiri menyesal tak continue main,
    bukan stakat ilang bentuk badan, tapi ilang kawan2 yang macam2 bangsa,
    yang sporting, yang bleh wat gurau,

    yang ade skrg ni, cuma kawan2 pejabat, mak mak datin dan bini tan sri yang rantai mutiara merambu2, gelang sampai ke lengan tanpa sedar diri, body dah mcm tong dram..

    agaknya sebab nak compensate bodi tong dram tu la kot yang pakai barang kemas berkilo2 tu..

    klu tak, aku pun tak tau dia main netball dlu2..

    kau silap la..
    kalau tiada pompuan, lelaki tetap bersukan, zaman tu semua orang jadi gayy..
    batsek each other..

    nak buat camna, dah darurat.. takda pompuan..

    trolololololooo.. hahhaa…

    inb4 lesbian comment..


    8 July 2012 at 12:41

    • k

      Takahara Suiko

      8 July 2012 at 17:10

      • Orang kata kalau nak tengok TS ni masa tua, tengok mak dia, and I can tell u mak dia tak pakai size kesimpilannya, tak semua orang sama…yang penting sihat Dan takde penyakit. Case closed.


        8 July 2012 at 17:33

      • btw.. IK ni, adakah orang yang sama dengan EK kat fb?
        sbb EK kat fb tu ade mutual fren ngan aku…

        klu aku add kang, salah orang malu plak..hehe..
        si EK tu ade gambar bersama TS ni..



        9 July 2012 at 09:22

      • Sape EK? Sape IK? Kau mencarut apa ni?

        Takahara Suiko

        9 July 2012 at 11:25

  6. IK = IzahKhalit, EK tu self-explanatory, malas nak taip nama kat sini.. (kat fb)


    9 July 2012 at 13:58

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