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Hope you guys are having fun there.

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Was just pondering and tearing up thinking about Tok Ayah.

Ma said two decades ago I tawaf-ed his katil a lot.

Climbed up, kissed him, climbed back down, went around, climbed back up, repeat cycle.

I even remembered doing that.

It was his last days.

Remembered an ambulance parked outside our house.

And I wonder what Ma told me when I asked her, ‘Tok Ayah nak pegi mana?’


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26 January 2013 at 06:18

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From a Kadazandusun to the one and only idiot Malay Supremist :

Sabahan-Sarawakian compliances to Peninsula Malaysia.


Once I looked out the window of our hotel room in Cameron Highlands, and I saw a Sikh temple, a mosque, a Chinese Community Hall all in one view. 

The Sikh Temple might be a lightbulb memory, because during breakfast at some mamak there was a Sikh parade marching down the streets.

But seriously. How often do you see that?

Not in my city I don’t. I don’t even know any church or temple around my city. And I can point to you nearly all the musollas and mosques of every section around the city centre.

You can use the ‘ikut majoritialasan. It’s a stupid alasan. It’s a well-known fact the second anyone lays down a(nother) slab of concrete to build a non-Muslim(in other words, non-Malay) tempat ibadah/community centre/whathaveyou, the ‘majoriti‘ are going to sue, demonstrasi, animal heads la bagai

The only places I know that actually have 1Malaysia values are Cameron, Sabah and Sarawak.

KL, atas pagar. 

Places I know. I don’t know anywhere else.

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24 January 2013 at 09:43

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Cure for LGBT.

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Dr Puad: LGBT a treatable illness


‘If your son keeps asking for permission to spend the night at the house of another male friend, then you must check to ensure that nothing else is happening.’

ABOLISH ALL ASRAMA!!!!!!!!!!11111!1111oneoneonesatussatu


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22 January 2013 at 17:51

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Jumaat = hari mulia Islam.
Sabtu = hari mulia Yahudi.
Ahad = hari mulia Kristian.

Dengan itu, kalau nak ikut keadaan semasa,

Kebebasan beragama : cuti 3 hari. Or Jumaat dan Ahad because we obviously don’t have Jews in our country.
Islam agama rasmi : patutnya cuti sehari je but hey.

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22 January 2013 at 17:41

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