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Children are better than the ones who are going to eff us all, governing-wise.

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Last straw.

And I still think both sides are acting like little kids.

Abolish tolls? Ok. Maintenance?
Minyak murah dan kereta murah? Ok. Traffic jam?
Free wifi? Ok. Coverage?
Free tertiary education? Ok. Wei kau ingat mesin-mesin kat engineering/science/medical department murah ke? 

Over time, to cover all that, the tax WILL rise. 

Unless you don’t mind paying higher tax lah kan.

Manifesto repair jalan, kelengkapan prasarana di sekolah rendah dan menengah(by prasarana I mean enough instruments and material for labwork in pairs instead of in groups of four or more, better literary and fine art material, complete sets of sport equipment etc) dan unlimited speedy wifi for a (low) fee are more legitimate than what you put on your billboard. 

Bak kata omputih, ‘Nothing is free in this world.’

Rasa cam nak pang pun ada gak.


Written by Takahara Suiko

30 April 2013 at 20:23

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After seeing way too many Google pictures of Femen and reading a few articles about them, I get really confused.


Free women from what?


Might be because I’m an Asian, too conservative.

And I am certain it has nothing to do with my faith.

Maybe a bit, God knows.

But seriously.

It’s like America vs Osama/Saddam all over again.

i still don’t know what my stand on this.

Like, should an outside power invade a troubled country and make a mess in it?

It’s like :

A bunch of people of some country imposing their traditional clothing on people of other countries.

Exactly. It has been done. Remember suits and dresses?

I wear baju kurung sometimes.

I wear pants most of the time.

I wear jubah on occasions.

I get naked in the shower.

If they want to live their lives without clothes every single day, for every minute of the day, then it’s their decision. 

If I feel like you’re an inspiration and get the ‘hey, why not’ moment, then I might just do that.

But as of now, stop forcing us comfortably-clothed women to get naked.

It’s depressing.


Plus, I prefer having variety of clothes to choose from.


Written by Takahara Suiko

23 April 2013 at 10:34

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