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A friend once said that the entertainment industry is the only thing that isn’t tainted by politics(minus the ones inside organisations; we’re talking about parties here, and by that I don’t mean the ones at nightclubs, duh).

To some extent(or rather, most), his words hold true. ‘Hold true’ is that like a real phrase I dunno I just used it to sound smart.

The difference between politicians and celebrities are, people actually give a fart about what celebrities wear, apatah lagi segala apa yang keluar daripada mulut diorang. Even the simplest of comments would be made sensational, because, well, you’re a public figure and you’re supposed to watch what you say because you’re practically perfect and your words apparently affects people’s judgments and by people I mean the ‘ignorant, lalang, unwise youth’.

Famed public figures have a strong hold of society and its inhabitants, true dat. And it is indeed scary how most of them still preach about momentary life experiences. Songs hollering short-lived moments of falling in love, falling out of love, brink of breaking apart, blabla. Not straying far from the topic of love since the last few decades(norm for any pop song for the past decade, really, until Lorde came). Dramas showcasing one-dimensional, patriarchal, and weak women. Newspapers headlining Celebrity A kissing wife in public and apparently has made many a weak, religious men and women jizz and squirt everywhere and want to have intercourse with every moving creature in sight.

All these sensational bulltahi, boils down to one thing and one thing only; public figures are told to be and shown as perfect human beings. Epitome of ethical advancement. The symbol for societal pride.

It’s scary how public figures(retis ke twtfemes ke instafemes ke sukati la), usually parades perfection due to the reason above(or were told to do so by their seniors and superiors), and the people who observes/chance upon them often(let’s call them ‘followers’) believe that the perfection showcased is for them to enjoy, because public figure practically means society claiming, ‘You’re ours, biatch’, when most of the time, it’s just the said figures(let’s call them ‘idols’) trying to give themselves some sort of boost in self-confidence. Though you cannot argue the fact that most people do it for the likes, favs, revines, whathaveyou.

It’s scarier to think that due to this mindset of giving approval of said idol’s ‘perfection'(let’s call this, ‘likes’ or ‘double taps’), the followers/masses think they need to be ‘perfect’ as well in order to garner as much attention as their idols. I mean, how many of us are infatuated by the looks of their idols, more than they do their artistic works? How many would listen or watch something their idols have been working so hard on, just to see their face, and not the beauty of their sweat and blood? How many idols have been overshadowed by their physique more than their masterpiece, due to that cruelly shallow mindset?

Of course, pros and cons. But it’s hard to see past the cons when all you see nowadays are idols, and not crafters. Nicely packaged idols get more attention, not brilliant crafters. Nicely donned idols get more opportunities, not tatty-looking crafters. While they both can be of a same person, it’s tough when the society has set in stones what the media set for them to believe in; your idols are grace and perfection. It’s tougher still to change the mindset.


Written by Takahara Suiko

24 April 2015 at 00:44

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