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Of paedophilia.

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Recent events involving the government-body-sponsored student who was thrown into some jail in some European country for owning some huge numbers of child pornography has shed some light regarding paedophilia. At least my views of it. My views don’t matter wan, don’t read la.

But it’s my blog so suka hati aku la.

It’s hard to see the bad perspective of things, because imma be real wichu; like Robin Hood, different perspectives, different point of views. There’s no one definite nor absolute view towards any situation or behaviour, because it all boils down to past cirmcumstances leading up to the main event. Which made me put heterosexuals, homosexuals, psychopaths, paedophiles etc all in one box; a box that writes ‘They Were Frigging Born With It’. So basically there isn’t any box because everyone’s in it. Or is there? Ok moving on before you bash me about grouping everyone with child sex offenders and mass murderers.

Psychopaths, like real ones who feel zero remorse nor any sort of emotions forever and ever(unlike Dexter who fell in love), have the behaviour in their genes. Some prolly have been controlling it as much as they can, some let go and have killing sprees like Charles Manson or that American Sniper guy(the actual guy, not Bradley Cooper).

(I had a Criminal Minds marathon some time ago, and it changed my perspective towards murderers; we might even have done the same thing given the circumstances, or if we were born a socio/psychopaths which have no moral compass, commiting homicide or not commiting it won’t make much of a difference)

Being homosexual applies the same concept; you were not made into liking the same gender, you were born with said orientation. So does paedophilic behavoir. My view towards this one changed after watching Nymphomaniac(all five hours of it. Of course, I was highly curious of the movie that made the media-speculated-crazy Shia LaBeouf wanted to act in. Also, I was bored). In the movie, there’s this one particular scene when the protagonist(whateverhernamewas), a nymphomaniac-slash-mobster at that time in her life, was interrogating a borrower(?) to pay up. She tortured her prey in the easiest way possible; by telling explicitly sexual stories after unzipping his pants and unsheathing his, um, thing(that guy was tied to a chair, also, got mobster pak gads kat tepi la of kos). Stories after stories told; normal stuff, explixit stuff, BDSM, lesbian ones gay ones transgender ones, everything. But none of them aroused him. Until she finally got to a story that involved a child. And, well, basically she got her money afterwards.

She narrated afterwards that even he himself didn’t know he was a paedophile. Just like her, a nymphomaniac, they are both shunned by society, going through life feeling alone because unlike normal people who can make love with whomever they please, the paedophiles and nymphomaniacs can’t.

While LGBT members have the freedom to be open with their orientation nowadays(I have no problem with that; in fact I’ve been quite vocal about the discrimination that goes towards it), one just have to ask; should paedophiles, like psychopaths, for the sake of peace within the society, hold back their nature?


These are merely my inquiries regarding a psychological behaviour; nothing more that priding offenders whatsoever. But again, it comes back to the genes-or-circumstances situation.


Written by Takahara Suiko

6 May 2015 at 23:35

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